Trove interior
This is a new venture by my wife Sheila. She has been gathering a collection of objects, vintage,antique, and just decorative to display in the downstairs room of the gallery. She says of it;

"These objects are all things that appeal to me - I love candlesticks,nice fabrics,cushions,glass,ceramics, and I enjoy seeking them out around the country. Some are vintage pieces, others interesting finds that I have painted. ( you can see that blues and greens are my favourite colours )
I hope you will like what you see "

I really like what she has in her new little "emporium" and you are welcome to call and browse any time during gallery opening hours (or arrange a time by calling ahead )

She still kindly allows me to continue hanging my paintings in her new room!

see images of Trove under Gallery on the home page

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